Buy your ad space at $1 per pixel and WIN up to $1 Million Dollars by getting the most clicks on your ad space.

Q - What is Million Dollar Holler?

A – It's a battle of marketing in which people can purchase space by the pixel to place an image of their choice with a redirect link on that image to market whatever business they may be in or just add followers to a Twitter or subscribers to YouTube, Twitch, YouNow, etc. Overall you don't have to market anything or run a business as you can place any image as you want and say for example have it redirect people to your Facebook profile page. At the end of the day the obvious is the Grand Prize in which 1st place will rake in a cool $500,000, 2nd place will reel in $250,000, and 3rd will take home $150,000 once the contest is initiated. Contest will initiate when 3 million pixels are sold.

Q – Why does it take so long to initiate the contest?

A – To make it as fair as possible for everyone to begin to market their image given the fact the contest is based on clicks per image. Example if you own space on the board and 100k visitors click your image then your score on a live leader board reflects each click. In order to place in the top three on the contest you must have the most clicks on your images.

Q – Can a person buy more than 1 space/image for the contest?

A – Yes, anyone can buy as many different areas/ images as they want on the board.

Q – What's in it for me if I don't win the contest?

A – The contest is based on website traffic so any image and link that you use will get you or your business exposure overall which results will vary on the size of your image, location on the board, and content of your image.

Q – What if the board doesn't reach the 3 million pixels to initiate the contest?

A – There is no deadline for the contest to begin or end as the website will be live until the goal of completion and well thereafter.

Q – Why would I want to spend money when a pixel is extremely small?

A – That's an easy one, simply purchase more than 1 pixel. Imagine buying $50 worth of lotto tickets and losing on all of them. Well, with the Million Dollar Holler Contest it's not about luck or lucky ticket. Winning this money is gonna be strategy based on your image size, location, and just a hint that I would use buy up space in different areas to create something that people would click on. Your skill in marketing will also come into play in order to win by having friends, family, etc help click your purchased space to rack up clicks on hopefully get you on the leaderboard when game time starts.